Moisturising creams

Skin beauty is all about moisture balance. NiKEL hydrating creams are unbeatable when it comes to helping retain moisture deep within your skin. They contain phytoceramides that have the same structure as those inside your skin – they are arranged like roof tiles in order to prevent the loss of moisture deep inside your skin. They can restore the skin’s barrier in no time. They create “moisture tanks” within skin cells to make the skin appear fuller and more supple.

The choice of moisturising cream depends on your skin’s needs. They all provide intense hydration, but their texture and active ingredients differ. If you need a lightweight texture, choose Hydrating Cream with Orange. Rich Hydrating Cream with Immortelle and Hydrating Cream with Rose have a richer texture. Control 365 Insert Aqua has a very rich texture. Hyaluron+C+E Vitamin Cream will make your skin appear fuller. Nikelhidris Intensive Moisturising Cream has a very rich texture and contains the maximum amount of active ingredients for a fresh and youthful appearance of your skin.