Rose Bath

fresh. soft. velvety.

Rose Bath for face and body

A natural ECO formula that gently envelops the skin with an intoxicating fragrance of rose petals.

200 ml

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The plant cleansing base protects the hydrolipidic layer of the skin from drying out, leaving the skin fresh and velvety soft. Excellent for removing makeup, does not irritate the eyes and does not cause skin tightness.

Health and beauty advice:

This soft ECO bath can be used by the whole family. Ideal for: – dry skin – sensitive skin – children’s skin – face and body hygiene – washing hair – relaxing baths


For everyday face and body hygiene, apply to wet skin, gently rub in then rinse with water. As a hair wash, apply to wet hair, rub into scalp, wait 2–3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


Soft and fragrant skin and hair. Great for removing makeup.

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