Gentle Cleansing Foam

OLIVE Gentle Cleansing Foam


OLIVE Gentle Cleansing Foam

The perfect composition of natural ingredients with a wonderful scent that will turn your cleansing ritual into pleasure, giving your skin freshness, purity, oftness and radiance

150 ml

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Light and airy, it gently and effectively cleanses your skin of all impurities and keeps your skin fresh. It does not irritate the eyes, dry out or tighten the skin. For all skin types. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED

Health and beauty advice

Finish your cleansing ritual with this gentle foam, after rinsing with lukewarm water. Occasionally exfoliate your skin!


Apply a small amount of foam on damp skin. Gently massage the entire face and eye area then rinse with lukewarm water. For all skin types.


Clean, fresh, soft and soothed skin.

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