💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛
💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛

Silky Ivy Oil

freshness. tension. smoothness.

Silky Ivy Oil anti-cellulite treatment

for body shaping and cellulite reduction

125 ml

169,53 kn
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This 100% natural anti-cellulite oil is formulated with organic ivy leaf macerate in natural sunflower oil with the addition of vitamin E, sweet almond and grapefruit essence, and has a caring effect for fresh, firm, and smooth skin.

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Health and beauty advice

Use daily for beautiful skin.


Rubbing this oil onto your thighs and other affected areas prevents the occurrence of cellulite and helps reduce the existent changes. Warm a small amount of the oil in your hands by rubbing your palms. Gently massage the warm product onto the cleansed skin of your body with firm circular movements.


Reduced cellulite and subcutaneous fat cells, refreshed, firmed, smooth skin.

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